Henrik Wallin



Rydsvägen 268
58439 Linköping

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Internet communities


I develop and actively operate social networking sites, for example Elftown.com (191 000 registered users). The server is written in Pike as a Roxen-module, and uses MySQL, Javascrript, Ajax, CSS and more. Elftown is a social network and wiki-system for people around the globe interested in fantasy and science fiction, for example art, poetry, photography, role-playing games and everything associated with that.

I have experience in developing for APIs, for example for Google Search, advertising networks, Facebook and Paypal.

I have worked with and been successful with SEO, especially for Elftown.

I have fluency in communication in writing, both in English and Swedish. I am also very familiar to communicate with people with limited skills in English, and I have a big international network, partly thanks to my sites, and partly because of socializing with foreign students in Linköping. I also speak German and can often make myself understood in Russian.

I am very interested in what happens in the world, history, the progress of technology, nature, environment and social trends. I have a least a little knowledge about almost everything except names of actors or what happens in the reality shows.

When it comes to work, I'm direct and clear. Socially, I'm easy to deal with and I'm used to interact with all kinds of people.

In addition to that I know Pike and Javascript well and use them now, I am pretty good at Java, Python, C, C++ among other programming languages, but my knowledges is a little bit rusty.

I have been using Linux since 1995 and I sometimes act support for Windows, even though I don't use it myself.

I enjoy to work in a group and to help others.

2002- Develops www.elftown.com and other similar sites. First as a hobby while I work on Roxen and then in my own company. I have been selling consulting to the Elfwood.com company for evaluating ideas, fix difficult bugs and develop a function that uses the Paypal API.

1997- Worked at Roxen Internet Software. Web server programming and technical support for marketing.

1992- Education in Master of Science in Computer science (The D-program). All the courses are done, but not the master thesis that got interrupted because of the job at Roxen. The specialization was in automatic control, computer vision, AI and robotics.

During my studies, I was the president, then treasurer and then accountant for Västmanland's and Södermanland's Student Nation.


I like Belgium beers and craft beers, meeting new people, watching athletics, have a cat, like to have plants around me, like crosswords puzzles and strategic boardgames. I help out with arranging parties a few times a year. I have a curious nature and want to know about most things, so I often look at documentaries and take every opportunity to speak in languages I don't fully master.